Месечни архиви: септември 2015

Another LG repair update

I still haven’t received my tablet back so I just called LG to try and find out what went wrong. It turns out that it was an administrative error and it was actually another customer who is receiving their device back and mine is still awaiting repair!

The customer service agent (Danny) was very helpful, it has to be said, and has promised to escalate it – apparently a new PCB is required which was ordered a while ago but it is still awaiting delivery. Danny promised that I would be called back either today or Monday with an update which is good, at least I hopefully won’t have to chase it up again.

Source Article from http://www.keanei.eu/2015/09/18/lg-repair-update/

Tablet repair “update”

LG have had my G Pad for a couple of weeks now. Their online status tracker is very frustrating because it doesn’t actually have any useful information – it only indicates when I raised the repair request. In the end I had to send them an email asking for an update, after which I got a couple of phone calls, one to say that repairs were ongoing and another one (on Monday) to let me know that the repairs were complete and that my device was on my way back to me.

It’s Friday now and I’ve still not received it back, which is very frustrating as I do use the tablet quite a lot (especially for reading comics – that Marvel Unlimited subscription is currently going to waste). Hopefully it will arrive within the next week and will actually have been repaired – I’m still worried it’s going to come back and they’ll say ‘no, there wasn’t anything wrong with it’!

Source Article from http://www.keanei.eu/2015/09/11/tablet-repair-update/