Месечни архиви: октомври 2015

Android Development – Starting Over

I’ve tried several times to start developing Android apps, and I usually get a little past the “Hello, world!” stage and then get distracted by other things. I’ve long wanted to create an Android app counterpart to my Sam Smiths Challenge website, but that itself is in dire need of an overhaul, so then I start thinking about that and forget about Android again. Then a new Android version comes out and everything changes!

I’m definitely going to start developing properly soon though, so will need to find a suitable tutorial and set up the development environment on my PC – perhaps I’ll sort out upgrading it to Windows 10 first. Perhaps I can utilise my microserver too. So many things to consider, not enough time :-)

Source Article from http://www.keanei.eu/2015/10/16/android-development-starting/

Marshmallow coming to Moto G 2nd Generation (2014)

The latest flavour of Android, Marshmallow (v6.0) has been announced and is now available for those lucky enough to have Nexus devices. However, the rest of us are at the mercy of the manufacturers to release updates. It appears that I am in luck as Motorola have announced that the 2nd generation Moto G will receive the Marshmallow update.

I’m not going to hold my breath however – I only received the Stagefright fix this week and I’m still running 5.0.2 despite 5.1 being available for a long time. It’s easy to mock Apple but at least when they release a new version of iOS it’s available for everyone immediately – it’d be nice if there was some way of Android achieving this even with all the different hardware versions out there.

Source Article from http://www.keanei.eu/2015/10/09/marshmallow-coming-moto-2nd-generation-2014/

Tablet repaired!

I finally got my LG G Pad 8.3 back from the repair company this week, after much chasing and emails (their online tracker is useless). Thankfully the tablet is now in full working order – I can actually update an app without it crashing and play games without it crashing halfway through! It still gets a little warm when playing games but well within comfortable parameters, not as hot as it used to get! I’ve updated it to Lollipop using the Korean KDZ file and everything is working well. I’m very pleased to get it back and very pleased that it’s back to working properly :-)

Source Article from http://www.keanei.eu/2015/10/02/tablet-repaired/